About OWB

Our mission is to enhance the partnerships between our Clients and the Traditional Land Owners of Australia through consultation, education, employment & mentoring of both Aboriginal people & our Clients.

Opportunities Without Boundaries Pty Ltd is a Perth based consultancy company specialising in Aboriginal engagement, employment and business solutions to a range of Government, NFP, private and public sector clients. Our core areas of expertise are in capacity building evaluations and reviews, planning and project management, cross cultural facilitation and consultation, analysis and research in policies, policy and program development, projects and service delivery in Aboriginal communities and organisations as well as leading community research.


Opportunities Without Boundaries:

  • We are a highly motivated and a fast moving business
  • Is local and a 100% Aboriginal owned business
  • We seek first to understand
  • Our philosophy is one size "Does Not" fit all
  • We have immense community support backing and networks
  • We work diligently to create mutual, enduring relationships with our Clients & Partners
  • We are a responsible company making a difference by helping build & support sustainable communities