Cape to Cape MTB Event

The Cape to Cape Mountain bike race is an endurance event. It is 4 days of riding with each day consisting of an average of 50 kms in length. Each day varies in length and type of riding. For example the first day has a section of beach riding and the 4th day the riders spend some time riding on the road. All in all it is a very challenging event and you will need to be prepared to train so that you can enjoy it. As part of our teams training we encouraged each of the riders to ride in a few of the other enduro rounds of the Perth mountain bike racing circuit. All of these events are great fun and will help them prepare for the 4 day Cape to Cape event!

OWB and Zanders Community Education Program Inc. have put together a team that will support our young Aboriginal men through their preparation. With their assistance we have been running skills training sessions, regular group ride days and we also have a personal trainer that has helped in developing training programs for individuals.

You may be asking…. “So why are Opportunities Without Boundaries Pty Ltd. (OWB) and Zanders Community Education Program Inc. (Zanders) supporting a team in the Cape to Cape?” A word from the Managing Director of OWB and CEO of Zanders Jacqueline Minney, may help you understand the reason behind why we have come together to support the young men in our team.

This is what Jacqueline said when she addressed the individuals that were vying for a place in the 2013 team – “OWB was founded on the principal that we as Aboriginal people must be the driving force of change, leading ourselves and our Communities out from the nadir of poverty and ill health through ‘ethical ownership’. OWB provides that opportunity to individuals and whole Communities by creating partnerships with their commercial Clients and Aboriginal Australians. The underpinning principal of Zanders was to give back to any Australian person within our orbit that are less fortunate then ourselves. Supporting one another so that we become stronger as individuals we are intrinsically creating powerful communities.

When I initially contemplated putting a team together I reflected upon how this type of opportunity could affect not only an individual but also their Community. I wanted to offer Aboriginal people the chance to challenge themselves in a supportive and cohesive environment. Look inside and get to know who they are. Find out what makes them tick. The Cape to Cape is a fundamental challenge that will not only inspire you but will at times smash you hard up against the cold hard reality so that you are faced with pondering your absolute inner self.” As I watched from the side-lines in 2012, I stood silently weeping as I witnessed the camaraderie of team members urging one another to “push through it and keep going”. I was immensely proud as I watched the men who will be mentoring the team in 2013 complete each stage. I was inspired every time I witnessed a female competitor coming through the pack. Ultimately though, the feelings of trepidation, pride and awe never left my being as I watched every individual and then their support teams throughout the final two days as the event was building to its intense finish line. The thrill is exhilarating for a spectator; just imagine how it would feel being a rider! In closing I will leave you with a phenomenal quote from Eleanor Roosevelt - “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Test yourself…. Are you up for the challenge?”