Community Engagement

OWB’s Community Engagement strategy focuses on the foundations of  cultural heritage, community capacity, native title, employment and training, enterprise development and corporate social responsibility. The strategy seeks to identify the tools which will provide commercial value for our clients while reducing risks such as project delay, escalating costs and potential for legal action. Our goal is to create and maintain mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with Aboriginal people and communities wherever our clients operate.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Consulting relevant Aboriginal people and communities to create an understanding of each other’s concerns and goals
  • Promoting and providing opportunities for Aboriginal employment
  • Developing authentic partnerships through engagement, communication and consultation with Aboriginal communities
  • Identifying economic opportunities for Aboriginal communities to participate in our business through commercially contractual, competitive and other co-operative ventures
  • Developing the cultural merging within your organisation to bring innovative perspectives and additional awareness of business opportunities.
  • Working with and learning from Aboriginal people to achieve sustainable management of their communities
  • Assisting Aboriginal communities to manage the differences and challenges they face as a result of our client’s actions
  • Developing systems for our diverse client group to gain understanding, respect and knowledge of Aboriginal cultures in our areas of operations

The strategy enables sustainable benefits to be achieved in unison with OWB project partners.