"I first met with Jacqueline Minney, Director Opportunities Without Boundaries (OWB) in January 2011 and was in absolute awe of the outstanding contribution this organisation makes to the Indigenous people in the State of Western Australia; my only regret was not being introduced to OWB much earlier. Having spent many years working with Indigenous people I had never come across an organisation with such a strong and clear vision about its objectives, unwavering values that they adhere to and endless knowledge in this space. Jacqueline and OWB have provided me and my organisation with guidance, mentoring and facilitated community engagement with the utmost confidence and the end result is always of a high quality. Adding to these services OWB have also provided recruiting and training programs tailored specific to my organisation. OWB offer both the employee and employer a reliable, respectful, honest and supportive platform which build long lasting relationships and outcomes for both parties. I am proud to have a> relationship with OWB and know that they will make significant difference in closing the gap in the State of WA utilising their well-established community and professional networks."
- Lisa Taylor, Manager Pilbara Cities

"It is so exciting to see that Jacqueline Minney and her partner David White are starting a new and exciting Indigenous employment training company called 'Opportunities Without Boundaries'. As someone who has worked with and for the community over the past forty years as well as being employed in government and corporate sectors, I can speak from personal experience of knowing that a professional but personal approach is definitely needed in our community and particularly in this sector. Jacqueline Minney has not only the professional knowledge and years of experience behind her but also has a wonderful way of working across all sectors and her approach to people is outstanding as she truly CARES about the people she is assisting. I look forward to seeing “Opportunities Without Boundaries” develop and grow to help many people and organisations to gain meaningful employment and employees."
- Christine Gray

"The Smith Family has received tremendous support from Jacqueline both as an interviewer of prospective mentors for our on-line student mentoring program, iTrack, and also as a volunteer mentor of a remote student on the program. She has also addressed our staff on the subject of cultural awareness and sensitivity when working with Aboriginal people both as participants in our programs and as partners. Her professional approach and commitment to helping others has been evident to us and we view her as a member of our Family."
- Greg Ryan-Gadsden, Regional General Manager - WA / The Smith Family

“It is refreshing to see a company like this enter the market place. No one can deny that a fresh approach to Indigenous employment is needed in this day and age. From personal experience having worked with Jacqueline and David and their philosophy of 'Outside of the box' approach to Indigenous employment programs, it is inspiring to see that their approach works time and again. Opportunities Without Boundaries program’s are tailored to suit companies such as ours that provide successful, reliable and achievable results. Being able to provide a solution to all elements of Indigenous employment ensures that we have a partner in business, not just a contractor.”
- Dominic Hallam, Director UEA Civil & Mining

"Opportunities without Boundaries Pty. Ltd. provide real career and training opportunities for Aboriginal people. OWB has helped source quality candidates and provided us with advice as we implement an Aboriginal engagement and employment strategy at Horizon ower. Jacqueline Minney and David White demonstrate a clear passion for helping and empowering Aboriginal people. "
- Graeme Eley, Manager Remote Business Development and Aboriginal Engagement Horizon Power